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The Practicum

  • Eligibility:  To be eligible to apply to participate in a community-based practicum students must be at least a sophomore.  It is preferred (but not required) that students also have completed the CFS Minor Introductory Course, DSoc 3400: Agriculture, Food, and Sustainability, and Social Justice, before completing the required practicum.
  • 2017-2018 Practicum Timeline (subject to change):
    • October - December:  Practicum opportunities posted on CFS Website
    • December 31:  Applications due
    • January 31, 2018:  Practicum placements announced
    • March 5 - May 7:  Required practicum orientation course
    • June 4 - August 10: Practicum takes place



All students enrolled in the Community Food Systems (CFS) Minor must complete a practicum with a domestic or international community-based organization (see below) involved in creating food systems that are just, equitable, and environmentally sound. Students have a choice of applying for a practicum with a CFS Minor Community Partner (see below) or proposing an independent practicum. 

The practicum is designed to provide students with an opportunity to:
(1) partner with and learn from individuals directly involved in developing sustainable community food systems; and
(2) under the supervision of these individuals contribute to these initiatives in meaningful ways.

The practicum involves a ten-week, summer placement with a community-based partner involved in work that supports community food systems. Practicum responsibilities are specific to the needs of the organization hosting the practicum experience and may include: interviews with producers, retailers, and/or food systems workers; data collection and/or analysis; marketing and outreach via multi-media outlets like website Facebook, Twitter, YouTube; developing educational content (e.g., recording local histories, nutrition fact sheets, policy briefs, etc.); farm work; etc.  Students must  devote a minimum of 168 hours to the responsibilities of the practicum experience (~17 hours per week during the 10 week period), under the supervision of the host organization.  The summer practicum typically begins the first Monday of June and ends the second Friday in August.  Practicum experiences are also supervised by a member of the CFS faculty team and involve weekly reflection assignments and group discussions via web-conference.  Learn about the practicum application process.

Community Partners