The Practicum


All students enrolled in the Community Food Systems (CFS) Minor must complete a practicum with a domestic or international community-based partner (see below) involved in creating food systems that are just, equitable, and environmentally sound. 

The practicum is designed to provide students with an opportunity to:
(1) partner with and learn from individuals directly involved in developing sustainable community food systems; and
(2) under the supervision of these individuals contribute to these initiatives in meaningful ways.

The practicum consists of extensive placement (e.g., 168 hours total) with a community partner. Practicum experiences are supervised by staff from community partner organizations as well as a faculty advisor and involve regular check-ins with both throughout the experience.  Practicum responsibilities are specific to the needs of the community partner and may include: interviews with producers, retailers, and/or food systems workers; data collection and/or analysis; marketing and outreach via multi-media outlets like website Facebook, Twitter, YouTube; developing educational content (e.g., recording local histories, nutrition fact sheets, policy briefs, etc.); farm work; etc.  Learn about the practicum application process and related requirements.

Community Partners