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Community Food Systems Minor

The Minor in Community Food Systems (CFS) is a university-wide program enabling undergraduate students to engage with critical contemporary issues relating to food security, food sovereignty, and food justice. In a context of diverse goals and approaches, the CFS Minor focuses on working with community partners to collaboratively understand and develop sustainable community food systems.  Students are provided with opportunities to integrate learning across courses with social, ethical, ecological, and agricultural perspectives on local food systems and participate in an experiential practicum embedded in a real-world context.

As a first step to completing the CFS Minor, declare your intent to complete the minor.

As a final step to completing the CFS Minor, download and complete the "CFS Minor Requirements Completion Verification Form".

Minor Requirements

The Practicum

Wondering what students in the minor are learning?  

Check out, In the Field: Student Perspectives on Community Food Systems Engagement, a book authored and designed by CFS Minor students as part of the 2018 capstone course.  From the authors:  "This the culmination of our practicum experiences over the summer in 2018. We have collected key moments which we felt were most memorable and meaningful in our understanding of and engagement with our respective community spaces, in hopes of shedding light on teh realities of college students' experiences in food systems work and changemaking as a whole (p. 6)."

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