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Outreach & Extension

Independent Study

research. n. Scholarly or scientific investigation or inquiry. Close, careful study.

One of the best ways for a student to gain knowledge beyond the textbook is to engage in original research. Get started!

International Opportunities / Study Abroad

Undergraduates can study anywhere in the world that is approved by their Faculty Advisor and College. Study in universities, improve language skills, conduct fieldwork, engage in service-learning, or participate in an internship. Make the world your campus! Get going!

Looking for something to do this summer?

  • The Cornell Farmworker Program offers paid summer internships for Cornell students who want to support their mission of addressing the needs of farmworkers in New York State. Interns receive extensive training and can expect to contribute in meaningful ways to research and educational outreach with farmworkers and farm owners. 
  • More Internships and Summer Jobs
  • Individual assistance is available from one of the CALS counselors or advisors. It's the perfect way to start your job search.
  • Browse the Internship Section of the CALS career library, which contains useful resources such as America's Top 106 Internships, The National Directory of Internships, Peterson's Guide.

Can I receive credit for independent study/research, study abroad, internships?

Undergraduates who become involved in research sometimes receive academic credit for their involvement and learning, sometimes receive pay, and occasionally volunteer their time. What you do should be determined by your personal needs and interests as well as by the preferences and needs of those in the research setting.

Note that a maximum of 15 (pro-rated for transfer students) of the 120 credits required for the degree may be taken in internships, independent study courses, and undergraduate teaching or research. For internships not governed by an established internship course, the student must enroll in a 4960 course for the number of credits assigned. Learn more.

See the Development Sociology course substitution policy and application for information on receiving credit for research and/or coursework.