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Undergraduate Honors Research Program


The program is administered through the College's Social Sciences Research Honors Program and provides an opportunity for students to earn “distinction in research” honors.

Application Requirements and Procedures - CALS

The deadline is the sixth week of the first semester of senior year. Learn more about requirements and procedures for the CALS program.

Application Requirements and Procedures - Social Sciences

The deadline is mid-to-late September. Learn more about the requirements and procedures for the program.

Academic credit

  • May be earned for the honors program by enrolling in DSOC 4990, Independent Honors Research in Social Science during the fall and/or spring semesters of their senior year.
  • A maximum of 6 credits may be earned in DSOC 4990

Previous Honors Theses Titles

  • 2016 - Promoting reconciliation in post-civil war Sri Lanka: A case study of religiously inspired NGOs
    Rehan Dadi
  • 2016 - The troubles with Northern Irish policy: An unaddressed legacy of British colonialism on modern sectarian hate crimes, discrimination and inequalities
    Zachary Palomino
  • 2015 - Beauty in a globalized world: uncovering the fait skin beauty standard in Indonesia
    Bagas Danara
  • 2015 - Anticipating the future of African fertility transitions: an examination of changing youth fertility patterns in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Benjamin Gandesbery
  • 2015 - Barriers to birth control: understanding contraceptive knowledge, attitudes, and practice
    Anna Grosshans
  • 2015 - Exploring the misalignment between scientific knowledge and public perception of the food system: A case study of Cornell University students, Department of Horticulture
    Alyssa Pritts
  • 2015 - In pursuit of happiness: trends and correlates of self-reported happiness among US young adults (1972-2012)
    Gregory Reppucci