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Double Major


CALS students can declare a second undergraduate major as long as both majors are within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Completed or are currently taking the following courses: 
    • Introduction to Sociology (DSOC 1101, SOC 1101 or equivalent)
    • Statistics

Student Responsibilities

  • Contact the department of interest in order to discuss requirements and identify a second faculty advisor.
  • Keep both faculty advisors informed of course enrollments.
  • Complete the requirements set forth by both departments in order to graduate with both majors.
  • When filing the Application to Graduate, obtain signatures from both faculty advisors.

CALS students who wish to double major with Development Sociology must submit an application to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator.

*Applications from students not meeting these requirements will be considered separately.  Please state contributing or extenuating circumstances on the application.

 Applicants will be notified of admissions decisions as soon as possible.