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Your Faculty Advisor

When you join Development Sociology, you will be assigned a faculty advisor.
Your advisor is available to:

  • Help you make decisions about your course schedule.
  • Provide advice about your academic life at Cornell and after graduation.
  • Write letters of recommendation as you look for summer internships or apply for full-time employment or graduate school.

Plan to meet with your advisor at least once each semester to get advice on course planning, study abroad, research opportunities, and more.

Getting Ready to Meet With Your Advisor

Think about the following before you meet with your advisor:

  • Schedule an appointment in advance and indicate the reason for the meeting.
  • Find out the best way to contact your advisor. Email usually works best, but sometimes a phone call or an in-person visit is appropriate. If you email or leave a voice message, always explain why you called so your advisor can adequately respond to the message.
  • Plan ahead! Don’t leave scheduling and other advising needs to the last minute.
  • Make a list of questions and concerns you want to raise with your advisor before you meet so you don't forget anything important.
  • Think about the big picture, as well as how to deal with immediate needs. You should consider planning out your courses for your remaining semesters at Cornell. Be sure to update the plan at least once a semester.
  • When you meet with your advisor before pre-enrollment each semester, always have a copy of your schedule or list of courses with you. Also bring a written plan of how you are going to manage coursework with other activities such as athletics, independent research, study abroad, etc.

Changing your advisor

Sometimes students and their assigned advisor just don't click. That's ok!  You can change your advisor by contacting the Undergraduate Program Coordinator. Information regarding your decision to change advisors will remain confidential.