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Course Substitution Petition Guidelines

A student who wishes to satisfy a core or elective requirement with a course that is not a part of the major or minor must submit a Course Substitution Request. This form must be filled out completely and submitted with the syllabus to the DSOC Undergraduate Program Coordinator. Incomplete petitions or submissions without supporting documentation will not be reviewed. Paper or electronic submissions are accepted.

Course substitution petitions are reviewed and approved by the Undergraduate Program Committee. The committee’s decision will be based on a combination of factors, including the reason provided by the student for the request, the appropriateness of substitution course, student’s standing in the major. Until a student receives written confirmation that a substitution has been approved, the student should continue to consider or explore alternative options. Students are advised to have a "plan B" in case the substitution is denied.

  • Maximum substitutions permitted for major core courses is one (1) course.
  • Maximum substitutions permitted for major elective courses is two (2) courses. (Majors may petition to substitute a maximum of 3 credits earned from an independent study or honors thesis project for the 3000+ level elective.)
  • No substitutions permitted for minor core courses.
  • Maximum substitutions permitted for minor elective courses is one (1) course.

The following deadlines have been established so students will know whether their request has been approved PRIOR to pre-enrollment.  

Important dates and deadlines
  Semester enrollment   Substitution Request Due
  Fall & Summer     May 1    
  Spring & Winter     December 1    

All requests must include: