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Degrees Offered

Why Study Development Sociology?

Our curriculum will provide you the opportunity to develop the tools necessary to critically analyze the world and your place within it. You will also learn the practical skills you need to succeed there. Such skills include:

  • conducting research and analyzing data
  • communicating skillfully
  • thinking critically
  • gaining a domestic and global perspective
  • preparing for graduate school

How Do Graduates Use Their Degree?

You have earned your degree! Now what? Your social science degree has provided you with a wide range of technical and analytic skills you will need to succeed in many careers such as:

  • Social Services/Public Services
  • Program Support
  • Management
  • Education
  • Sales Marketing
  • Social Science Research

- Much of the text on this page is adapted from the American Sociological Association's brochure "Sociology: A 21st Century Major."