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Research Area: State, Economy, and Society


Combining themes of political and economic sociology, within macro- and micro-comparative and historical approaches to critically examine social change and development.

Key Questions

How do communities mobilize and organize to participate in the political processes that affect them?

Can culture and arts contribute to community development?

How does globalization and modernization affect the distribution of resources and benefits in society?

Regions of Study

  • Northeast Africa
  • South America
  • United States

Related Sub-Areas

  • Historical and comparative sociology
  • Civic studies
  • Food systems and agrarian change
  • Food sovereignty and social movements
  • The politics of land
  • unequal and combined development

Featured Projects and Initiatives

Recent Publications

  • Peters, S., Alter, T., & Schaffer, T. Jumping Into Civic Life: Stories of Public Work from Extension Professionals. Washington, D.C.: Kettering Foundation Press.
  • Scoones, I., Edleman, M., Saturnino, B., Hall, R., Wolford, W., White, B. Emancipatory Rural Politics: confronting authoritarian populism. Journal of Peasant studies.
  • McMichael, P. "Towards an Ecology of Development,"  (ed Fagan, H. Munck, R.) in Handbook on Development and Social Change.