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Routledge International Handbook of Rural Studies

Handbook of Rural Studies

May 28, 2016
Routledge International Handbook of Rural Studies
Edited by Mark Shucksmith and David L. Brown
Series: Routledge International Handbooks Read more

Rachel Bezner Kerr - chapter publication

Jul 16, 2015
Rachel Bezner Kerr ('06) and Raj Patel ('02), "Food security in Malawi - Disputed diagnoses, different prescriptions," in Food security and Development - Country Case Studies, ed. Udaya Sekhar Nagothu,

Patel, Bezner Kerr publication

Dec 7, 2014
Patel, R., R. Bezner Kerr, L. Shumba and L. Dakishoni. Cook, eat, man woman: Understanding the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Malawi, and its alternatives. 2014. Journal of Peasant Studies November Read more

Alaka Basu publication

Dec 1, 2014
Basu, Alaka M. (2014), "Demography for the Public: Literary Representations of Population Research and Policy", Development and Change, vol. 45, no. 5, (pages 813–837) Read more

Raj Patel/Philip McMichael publication

Nov 6, 2014
Raj Patel (PhD 2002) and Philip McMichael, ‘The political economy of the food riot,’ in Riot, Unrest and Protest on the Global Stage, eds, David Pritchard and Francis Pakes (Palgrave MacMillan, 2014). Read more

Philip McMichael publication-LRAN

Nov 4, 2014
Philip McMichael. 2014. ‘Banking on land.’ Keeping Land Local: Reclaiming Governance from the Market. Land Struggles, LRAN Briefing Paper Series No. 3. Read more
vietnam man

Scott Sanders PhD 2013 and David Brown publication

Nov 3, 2014
Sanders, Scott R. and David L. Brown (forthcoming, 2014) “Escaping Poverty in Post- Socialist Vietnam: Does Space Matter?”. Poverty and Public Policy.

Rachel Bezner Kerr publication-Annals of the AAG

Jul 2, 2014
Bezner Kerr, R. 2014. “Lost and Found Crops: Agrobiodiversity, Indigenous Knowledge, and a Feminist Political Ecology of Sorghum and Finger Millet in Northern Malawi,” Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 104 (3): 577-593. DOI: 10.1080/00045608.2014.892346.

Alaka Basu publication

Apr 30, 2014
Alaka Basu and Kaushik Basu (2014), The prospects for an imminent demographic dividend in Africa: The case for cautious optimism, UNU WIDER Working paper Series, March WP/2014/053   Read more

Rachel Bezner Kerr publication-Secheresse

Mar 21, 2014
Snapp, S.S., R. Bezner Kerr, A. Smith, M. Ollenburger, W. Mhango, L. Shumba, T. Gondwe and G.Y. Kanyama-Phiri. Modeling and participatory, farmer-led approaches to food security in a changing world: a case study from Malawi. Secheresse 24:350-358. Read more

Charles Geisler publication

Mar 13, 2014
Geisler, Charles. Disowned by the Ownership Society: How Native Americans Lost Their Land. Rural Sociology Volume 79, Issue 1, pp 56-78. March 2014. Read more

Thomas Hirschl publication-book

Mar 13, 2014
Rank, Mark Robert, Thomas A. Hirschl and Kirk A. Foster. Chasing the American Dream: Understanding What Shapes Our Fortunes.  Oxford University Press, 2014. Read more

Chuck Geisler publication-Research in Social Problems & Public Policy

Feb 19, 2014
Geisler, Charles. "Peak Farmland": Revealed Truth or Recreancy?” with Ben Currens, Research in Social Problems and Public Policy (RSPPP)Vol. 21, 2014.

Rod Howe and David Kay: Transitioning to Renewable Energy

Jul 31, 2013
Blair, Adam, Rod Howe and David Kay. 2013. Transitioning to Renewable Energy: Development Opportunities and Concerns for Rural New York, Government, Law and Policy Journal 15(1):35-41

David Kay: Capital Investment and Privatization

Jul 31, 2013
Capital Investment and Privatization: Public Opinion on Issues Related to Water and Wastewater Infrastructure by Sridhar Vedachalam David L. Kay and Susan J. Riha is forthcoming in Public Works Management & Policy. Read more

Philip McMichael: Value-chain agriculture and debt relations: contradictory outcomes

Jun 5, 2013
Philip McMichael (2013) "Value-chain agriculture and debt relations: contradictory outcomes," Third World Quarterly, 34(4), 671-690.

Nina Glasgow, editor: Rural Aging in 21st Century America

Feb 1, 2013
Nina Glasgow & E. Helen Berry, editors. "Rural Aging in 21st Century America" includes articles by DSOC faculty Glasgow, David Brown, Dan Lichter, Doug Gurak, Mary Kritz, and alumnus László J. Kulcsár '05.

Steven Wolf: Sustainability and Short-term Policies: Improving Governance in Spatial Policy Interventions

Jan 20, 2013
Field member Steven Wolf contributed the chapter "Temporal Dimensions of Governance: A Critical Analysis of Projects" to the recently published book Sustainability and Short-term Policies: Improving Governance in Spatial Policy Interventions.

Philip McMichael: Globalization: a Project in Crisis

Jan 7, 2013
Philip McMichael, "Globalization: a Project in Crisis," in Global Political Economy. Contemporary Theories, edited by Ronen Palan (Routledge, 2013).

Philip McMichael: The land grab and food regime restructuring

Jul 2, 2012
Philip McMichael, 'The land grab and food regime restructuring,' The Journal of Peasant Studies, 39(3/4), 681-701 2012.

Nina Glasgow: Is Rural America Dying? A Snapshot of Retirement Trends and 'Natural Decrease

Jun 21, 2012
Nina Glasgow, "Is Rural America Dying? A Snapshot of Retirement Trends and 'Natural Decrease." Aging Today, Vol. xxxii, Number 4, 2012

Philip McMichael: Food regime crisis and revaluing the agrarian question

Jun 1, 2012
Philip McMichael, 'Food regime crisis and revaluing the agrarian question.' In R. Almas and H.Campbell, eds, Rethinking Agricultural Policy Regimes: Food Security, Climate Change and the Future Resilience of Global Agriculture Emerald Books, 2012.

Wendy Wolford, editor: The New Enclosures: Critical Perspectives on Corporate Land Deals

May 21, 2012
Ben White, Ruth Hall and Wendy Wolford, ed. "The New Enclosures: Critical Perspectives on Corporate Land Deals" Journal of Peasant Studies, Volume 39, Issues 3-4, 2012 with contributions by Philip McMichael, Charles Geisler and Shelley Feldman.

Angela A. Gonzales: Effect of Tribal Language Use on Colorectal Cancer Screening Among American Indians

Apr 23, 2012
Angela A. Gonzales, Eva Garroutte, Thanh G. N. Ton, Jack Goldberg and Dedra Buchwald. "Effect of Tribal Language Use on Colorectal Cancer Screening Among American Indians" in Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health DOI: 10.1007/s10903-012-9598-2