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Net-Zero by 2050: Carbon Removal and the IPCC’s Special Report on 1.5C

The 2019 Polson Institute 'Future of Development' Symposium

Join us on March 8th, 2019 to explore the strenuous requirements of keeping the global climate to 1.5C degrees above pre-industrial levels, including systematic transformations in land use and the application of new technologies. We're bringing experts from around the country to discuss this pressing topic at Cornell University.

Some of the key questions of the event include:

What are the technical requirements and expected impacts of large-scale carbon dioxide removal or geoengineering solutions?

What is known about the effectiveness of the proposed interventions at scale?

What policies and political strategies are needed to enable some of the approaches of carbon removal or geoengineering at scale?

Who will have a say in what options are implemented and can these solutions be rolled out equitably?

To find out more information - please visit the event website, and the Cornell Events Page. Or, see the pre-write news piece on the Cornell Chronicle.


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