Research Working Groups - Call for Proposals

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The Polson Institute Research Working Groups (RWGs) are collaborations of mutual scholarly interest between faculty, senior associates, and graduate students.

RWGs are a vehicle for sustained and cooperative research activity in substantive and methodological research areas, and underwrite the costs for regular scholarly interaction.

There are two rounds of competition for Research Working Groups each year, with application deadlines on October 1 (with awards announced November 1) and March 1 (with awards announced April 1). Please see the proposal requirements for further details.


Funding for the first year will normally range from $1,000 to $3,000 and total funding for a Research Working Group will not exceed $10,000.


  • Holding an international conference focused on a particular area of development scholarship and/or policy
  • Preparing a proposal for obtaining funding for a cooperative research project
  • Preparing curricular or other pedagogical materials to enhance teaching in a particular area of development sociology 
  • Publishing a co-authored or co-edited book
  • Preparing outreach-oriented or policy related materials that build bridges between academic scholarship on development and public policy or program administration

Note that funds cannot be used to cover salary replacement, summer salary, graduate student assistantships, off-campus conference participation, on-going program-related expenses, equipment, and/or dissertation research.


Research Working Groups must be organized by at least one faculty member or senior associate in the Department of Development Sociology.


Groups are initially supported for one year. Groups may apply for a one year extension with a proposed plan and timeline for the completion of the remaining activities. Acceptance of this extension is contingent on accomplishments and availability of funds. 

Proposals for Research Working Groups should be submitted electronically  to