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Planting seeds of change.

Over the years, the Polson Institute has supported and jump-started research efforts that have grown and developed momentum of their own. We are proud of the diverse legacy of projects and programs that continue to leave their mark.

Research Networks

The Trans-Atlantic Rural Research Network ""

TARRN is a partnership of US and UK researchers who's founding members were first brought together in international conferences with the support of the Polson Institute. Since 2012, TARRN has been a medium of comparative research on rural transformations in the US and UK across issues including migration, aging, education and stratification; producing research and publications, special issues, and conferences.

The Land Deal Politics Initiative ""

The Polson Institute was a founding member of the LDPI, a research network connecting the International Institute of Social Studies (Erasmus Rotterdam), the Institute for Development Studies (Sussex University), the Institute for Critical Agrarian Studies (St. Mary's University), and the Institute for Poverty, Land, and Agrarian Studies (University of the Western Cape). Since 2012, LDPI has produced dozens of working papers and organized a large number of international conferences.

Action Research Initiatives

The Food, Agroecology, Justice, and WellBeing Collective ""

Starting as a Polson Research Working Group in 2014, the FAJW Collective has evolved to develop action research and partnerships between Cornell University and community-based organizations to work towards a just and sustainable food system in Tompkins County.


Performing Our Future

A 2016 Research Working Group developed an action research agenda for replicating  models of leveraging art, theater, and music as an instrument of community development in upstate New York. Performing Our Future continues to serve the state as a key partner, along with AppalShop in Kentucky and Lafayette College in Pennsylvania.