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Visiting Researchers and Fellows

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Matthew Hoffman

Matthew Hoffman received his PhD in Development Sociology in 2011 and was a Visiting Research Fellow for the 2014-2015 academic year. After graduating from Cornell he spent two years as Visiting Assistant Professor of Food Systems at NYU before returning to Norway as a Visiting Researcher at the Centre for Rural Research in Trondheim. Matt’s work spans three substantive areas of interest – agriculture and food systems; property rights and natural resource management; and community development – all of which are united by a common theoretical interest: the problems of collective action inherent to public goods provision in landscapes fragmented by diffuse private ownership.  His research examines institutions that address these problems, from public planning processes to arrangements between private landowners in Norway, Scotland, and the northeastern United States.

Devparna Roy

Devparna Roy was a Visiting Research Fellow October 2011 - June 2014. Devparna received her PhD in Development Sociology  in 2006. She worked with Indian farmers in the state of Gujarat to understand why they chose  to adopt (or not) genetically modified cotton.  Devparna has subsequently worked with conventional cotton farmers in Mississippi and organic cotton farmers in Texas. As a Fellow, she researched the adoption of Bikaneri Narma Bt (India’s first public sector Bt cotton) in Gujarat, among other projects. She has published articles on this work in the Journal of Development Studies and the Agricultural Biotechnology and Development Review. Devparna is currently working on a research project that compares the roles of the Indian state, civil society groups, and firms when it comes to policy-making regarding Bt cotton, India's first transgenic crop, and Bt brinjal, which may become India's second transgenic crop.