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Robin Blakely-Armitage

robin blakeley

Senior Extension Associate

275A Warren Hall
(607) 254-6795

Robin Blakely-Armitage is a Senior Extension Associate and Program Manager with the Community & Regional Development Institute (CaRDI) and a member of the Department of Development Sociology. Her area of expertise is community development and the use of demographic data for strategic planning and informed decision-making. Robin serves as Managing Editor for the various CaRDI publication series, offers demographic trainings, organizes the Institute's research roundtables, seminar series and annual conferences, and is an Associate Editor of Community Development, the journal of the Community Development Society. Robin is co-PI on several applied research projects which explore University-Community supports for decision-making around controversial issues, flood risk and community resiliency, climate-change based migration decisions, and others.

Research Focus

My applied research interests extend to various dimensions of community and regional development examining the programmatic and community implications of social, economic, and environmental change in New York State. Since 2017, in partnership with the Cornell Water Resources Institute and additional support from a Hatch-Smith Lever grant, I’ve been examining perceptions of flood risk and associated displacement and migration impacts in New York State, focusing in the Hudson and Mohawk Watersheds. Other current work includes supporting informed decision-making for New York state policy makers through university-community intermediaries, supported by a Hatch-Multi State grant, building on much of my previous work examining the role of research in local decision-making around controversial and politically polarized issues.

Outreach and Extension Focus

My extension and outreach efforts cover a wide range of activities, including publications, outreach events, engaged research, and capacity building. Since 2007 I have been the editor of the CaRDI publication series, which includes a bi-monthly one page publication, “The New York Minute” (which I co-author in collaboration with the Cornell Program on Applied Demographics), the bi-monthly CaRDI “Research & Policy Brief Series”, and the occasional “CaRDI Reports”. I provide key support for CaRDI’s engagement with state and local policy makers, CCE educators, community practitioners, and academics through the organization of our annual “Community Development Institute, occasional roundtables and seminars, and campus-wide applied research working groups. These activities foster productive dialogues around important community development issues enriching cross-disciplinary and cross-practice collaborations. In addition, as a trained demographer, I organize and conduct trainings on accessing and interpreting demographic data. These trainings are typically geared towards CCE educators and other local leaders who use demographic data for a variety of purposes in their programming and planning. I have represented many of the outreach and extension interests in our department as part of the "Leadership Committee", exploring a new College unit of Global Development, and also serve as Associate Editor for "Community Development", the Journal of the Community Development Society.

Presentations and Activities

  • The Connection Between Fiscal Stress and Community Vitality: Youth Attraction and Retention Efforts. Big Skys: Bold Partnerships, Joint Annual Conferences . June 2017. Community Development Society and National Association of Community Develpment Extension Professionals. Big Sky, Montana.
  • Strategies for connecting with local officials on controversial issues. NACDEP/ANREP annual meeting. June 2016. NACDEP/ANREP. Burlington VT.
  • Understanding the Impacts of Fiscal Stress: Developing Community-Driven Indicator Models. NACDEP/ANREP annual meeting. June 2016. NACDEP/ANREP. Burlington VT.