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Peter Fiduccia

Ph.D. Student

Peter Fiduccia is a first-year Ph.D. Student. A geospatial statistician with research and practical experience in education policy, public affairs, spatial econometrics, financial analysis, and leadership & management, Peter specializes in using technology, cartographic techniques, and quantitative methodologies to study community development.

Prior to joining the Department of Development Sociology, Peter completed training in both the private and public sectors, earning a Master's of Business Administration from the Binghamton University School of Management and a Master's of Public Affairs from Cornell University's Institute for Public Affairs.

He seeks to use the growing supply of data in the public sphere to provide communities of all resource levels the ability to make more informed decisions. This must be accomplished using mixed-methods research, and combining fields which have previously been thought of as disparate. With limited resources spread across a broad spectrum of policy needs, Peter firmly believes we must change the preordained assumptions with which we evaluate our models.