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Gretchen Rymarchyk

Gretchen Rymarchyk

Extension Associate

275G Warren Hall
(607) 254-3557

Gretchen Rymarchyk is Extension Associate for the New York State Rural Schools Program, and Deputy Executive Director for the Rural Schools Association of New York State. In addition to administrative duties and coordination of the NY Rural Schools annual conference, she connects New York's rural schools to researchers at Cornell University and beyond, helping schools address issues at the local, state, and national levels.

Outreach and Extension Focus

Dr. Rymarchyk's work focuses on supporting NY's rural schools by connecting them to relevant research at Cornell and beyond. She draws on member surveys, state data, and published research to inform policy recommendations. She facilitates information sharing among districts by tapping into innovative programming, supporting impact assessment, and showcasing promising programs on the association's website. Finally, she facilitates planning of the Rural Schools Annual Conference held each summer.

Presentations and Activities

  • Beyond Rural Stereotypes. 2017 Noyce Conference at Ithaca College. June 2017. Ithaca College. Ithaca, NY.