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Field Faculty

Faculty from other departments who are members of the field:

Eli Friedman, International and Comparative Labor, College of Industrial and Labor Relations

Eli Friedman joined the faculty of the ILR School's department of International and Comparative Labor in 2011 after completing his PhD in sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. His primary areas of interest are China, development, education, social movements, urbanization, and work and labor. Eli currently has two major research projects, the first of which looks at state responses to worker unrest in China and the development of labor relations institutions. The second project is a study of Chinese urbanization, with a particular focus on access to education for rural to urban migrants. Industrial and Labor Relations. Contact:



Matthew Hall, Policy Analysis and Management, College of Human Ecology

A sociologist and demographer by training, Hall's research focuses on racial/ethnic inequality, immigration, and neighborhood change. He has contributed to research assessing the economic and social impacts of unauthorized migration, to work on the emergence of Latino boom towns and other new destination areas where immigration has been recent and rapid, and to research exploring the changing nature of racial stratification and segregation in housing and neighborhoods. Contact:



Dan Lichter, Policy Analysis and Management, College of Human Ecology

Dr. Daniel T. Lichter is the Ferris Family professor in the Department of Policy Analysis and Management, Professor of Sociology, former Director of the Cornell Population Center, and current Robert S. Harrison Director of the Institute for Social Sciences. He joined the Cornell faculty in August 2005. He has previously taught at Pennsylvania State University (1981-1999) and The Ohio State University (1999-2005). He teaches courses on population and public policy, poverty and inequality, and demographic techniques. Contact:



Sharon Sassler, Policy Analysis and Management, College of Human Ecology

Sharon Sassler received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Brown University in 1995, and joined the Cornell faculty in 2005.  She is a professor in the Department of Policy Analysis and Management.  A social demographer, Sassler’s research examines factors shaping the activities of young adults and their life course transitions into school and work, relationships, and parenthood, and how these transitions vary by gender, race/ethnicity, and social class. Contact:




Richard Stedman, Natural Resources, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

As a faculty member in resource policy and management, Richard Stedman’s teaching, outreach, and research focus on the interaction between social and ecological systems. His training is in sociology, and he uses the theories and methodologies of this discipline as a lens for examining a broad array of human/environment conflicts. He is particularly interested in the challenges that rapid social and ecological changes pose for the sustainability of forested ecosystems, watersheds, and human communities. contact:



Mildred Warner, City and Regional Planning, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning

Mildred Warner is an international expert on restructuring local government services, how to plan for more child and age-friendly cities, and how to promote environmental sustainability at the local level. Decentralization has elevated the importance of local government worldwide, but social protection is challenged by devolution, privatization, and fiscal crisis. Cities must pick up the slack and Warner's research explores how. She has authored more than a hundred journal articles, book chapters, and professional reports, and has received major research grants from government and foundations. Contact:



Steven Wolf, Natural Resources, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Steven Wolf teaches and conducts research on environmental governance with a specific focus on efforts to secure public goods from private landscapes. His training and approach engage sociology, economics and geography. While most projects address socio-ecological dynamics in industrialized societies of Europe and USA, he has current projects in India and China. contact: