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Douglas Gurak


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I came to Cornell in 1989 following a decade and a half of research and teaching in New York City at the Center for Policy Research and Fordham University's Hispanic Research Center and Department of Sociology and Anthropology. At Cornell I have served as Director of the Population and Develpment Program, the Polson Institute for Global Development, and the Graduate Field of Development Sociology. Since 2010 I have been a team member of the Institute for the Social Sciences' interdisciplinary theme project: Immigration: Settlement, Integration and Membership (

Research Focus

My research focuses on the process of human migration. Currently I am involved in the investigation of processes shaping the internal migration of foreign-born persons in the United States to non-traditional immigrant destinations. This research is supported by the Russell Sage Foundation and involves working with confidential Census data at the New York Census Research Data Center. I have had the status of Special Sworn Status since 2008 as is required for persons working with restricted data.

Teaching Focus

I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in a number of areas focused on the links between population dynamics (e.g. migration, growth, health) and development processes. I also have responsibility for several research methods courses. Courses Taught:DSOC 6190 Quantitative Research Methods; DSOC 6080 (PAM 6060) Demographic Methods; DSOC 4380/6380 (SOC 4370) Population and Development; DSOC4310/6310 Comparative Ethnic Stratification; DSOC 2750 Immigration and a Changing America; DSOC 1010 Introduction to Sociology

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

Book Chapters

  • Gurak, D. T., & Kritz, M. M. (2013). Elderly Immigrants in Rural America: Trends and Characteristics. p. 331-352 Rural Aging in the 21st Century Nina Glasgow and E. Helen Berry (ed.), Springer, New York.
  • Gurak, D. T., & Caces, F. (1992). Migration Networks and the Shaping of Migration Systems. p. 150-176 International Migration Systems: A Global Approach M.M. Kritz, L.L. Lim, and H. Zlotnik (ed.), Oxford University Press, London.

Book Sections

  • Kritz, M. M., Gurak, D. T., & , (2013). United States: Internal Migration, Immigrants and New Destination. p. 3075-3084 Immanuel Ness (ed.), Wiley Blackwell, London.


  • Kritz, M. M., & Gurak, D. T. (2004). Immigration and a Changing America. Russell Sage Foundation and Population Reference Bureau, New York and Washington, DC.

Presentations and Activities

  • Pioneer Settlement Patterns of 13 U.S. Immigrant Groups: Factors Associated with Migration to Areas Where no Group Members Lived in 1990. XVII International Population Conference. August 2013. International Union for the Scientific Study of Population. Busan, Republic of Korea.
  • Aging in Rural America: 21st Century Trends. Briefing to U.S. Congress. June 2013. Consortium of Social Science Associations, American Sociological Association, Association of Population Centers, Population Association of America, Rural Sociological Society, Farm Foundation, Cornell Agricultural Experiment Station, Cornell Population Center, Cornell's Department of Development Sociology, University of New Hampshire's Carsey Institute, and Utah Agricultural Experiment Station . Washington, D.C.
  • Pioneer Dispersion of Immigrants during the 1990s: Determinants and Origin Group Differentials. Population Association of America Annual Meeting. April 2013. Population Association of America. New Orleans.
  • Immigrant Group Dispersion: Who Migrates Internally and Where Do They Go? Population Association of America, Annual Meeting. May 2012. Population Association of America. San Francisco, CA.
  • Who's Moving to New Destinations and Why? Population Association of America, Annual Meeting. May 2012. Population Association of America. San Francisco, CA.
  • Foreign-Born Out-Migration from New Destinations: Leavers and Stayers. World Congress of Sociology. July 2010. International Sociological Association. Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Will They Stay? Foreign-Born Out-Migration from New Destinations. Population Association of America Annual Meetings. April 2010. Population Association of America. Dallas, TX.
  • Immigrant Migration to New Destinations. International Union for the Scientific Study of Population. September 2009. IUSSP. Marrakech, Morocco.
  • Session 705 "Factors affecting destination choices of internal migrants.". IUSSP International Population Conference. September 2009. Marrakech, Morocco.
  • Trends and Determinants of Extended Family Living Arrangements of Hispanic and Asian Elderly in the United States: The Roles of Resources and Assimilation. Population Association of America, Annual Meeting. April 2009. Population Association of America. Detroit.