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Delmar Fears

Class of 2019

Delmar recently presented her research on a textile created in 1961 in the former French Guinea that was the culmination of an assignment for the first-year writing seminar course "Dress, Cloth and Identity in Africa and the Diaspora." In 1961, a textile was created in former French Guinea with the President of independent Guinea, Sékou Touré mounted on a white horse, in ancient western military garb, spearing a dragon with the word “colonialisme” on its body. This textile was made to make a strong political statement against colonialism and colonial powers, and venerate the move to independence. To analyze this textile, one must look at the historical background between the place the textile originated, Guinea, and the influence of western colonial powers to understand why the strong political statement was created in the first place. The history of French interaction with modern Guinea, from initial trading in the 1600s, to total French colonization of the country, to the eventual declaration of independence from France led to extreme anti-colonialist sentiment in Guinea in 1961.