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David Kay

david kay

Senior Extension Associate

275E Warren Hall
(607) 255-2123

David Kay is a Senior Extension Associate with the Community & Regional Development Institute (CaRDI) in the Department of Development Sociology. David provides leadership for CaRDI programming in the areas of energy, land use and community development. His work on land use involves research, outreach, and training efforts that attempt to build community-based decision making capacity and to help weave local policy into a regionally coherent fabric. He has increasingly focused on the community and economic development implications of energy transitions. His research and outreach work is especially concerned with building informed decision making capacity in the context of community controversy. David serves on the boards of several city, town, county and New York State State not-for-profit or government organizations concerned with sustainability and municipal land use planning.

Research Focus

David’s research focuses on a number of issues pertaining to local and regional development inclusive of land use planning, climate change and energy transitions, and governance. Within the category of land use, engaged research has focused on residential land use preferences, implementation of NYS’s “Smart Growth Policies”, and survey research on local government needs for comprehensive land use planning. Within the category of energy transitions, David’s research has focused on the socio-economic impacts of hydraulic fracturing practices and natural gas extraction, as well as the issues for local governments and communities pertaining to scaling up large-scale solar electric facilities. In all cases, the issues involve the interrelations of phenomenon with questions regarding community/economic development opportunities and the challenges of informed decision-making for policy makers and their stakeholders.

Outreach and Extension Focus

As a program manager for the Community and Regional Development Institute, David’s outreach work spans partnership building, facilitating policy dialogues, capacity building, and research. Often this involves cultivating conversations between local and state policy makers, identifying training and informational needs, and designing initiatives to assist and support informed local and regional decision-making. This formula is applied across issue areas: from land use and energy to community and regional economic development.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

Presentations and Activities

  • Downtown Redevelopment as a Regional Economic Catalyst,. Connecting the Dots: Sustainable development, Smart growth, Collaborative governance, Downtown redevelopment, & Regional economies. November 2016. NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo Administration. Binghamton NY.
  • An Empirical Analysis of Intermunicipal Service Sharing and Local Government Spending in New York. Local Government Spending in New York, The Nelson A Rockefeller Institute of Government, Research and Practice in Progress Briefing on Local Government in NY. November 2016. The Nelson A Rockefeller Institute of Government. Albany NY.
  • Shared Solar Installations and NYS Agriculture. NY FarmNet Consultant Training. November 2016. NY FarmNet. Ithaca NY.
  • Identifying and Anticipating the Key Issues Affecting the Transition to Large-Scale Solar in New York. Agriculture, Food & Environmental Systems In-Service. November 2016. Dyson School. IThaca NY.
  • Evaluating the rural and regional impacts of urban based local food system initiatives. Annual meeting. October 2016. Food Distribution Research Society. New Orleans, LA.
  • Strategies for connecting with local officials on controversial issues. NACDEP/ANREP annual meeting. June 2016. NACDEP/ANREP. Burlington VT.
  • Understanding the Impacts of Fiscal Stress: Developing Community-Driven Indicator Models. NACDEP/ANREP annual meeting. June 2016. NACDEP/ANREP. Burlington VT.
  • The Relationships Between Economic Development, Land Use Planning, and Economic Development. American Farmland Trust Harvesting Opportunities Conference. November 2015. American Farmland Trust . Albany NY.
  • Informed Decision Making in Highly Contentious Arenas. Annual meeting of the National Conference of County Association Executives. October 2015. National Conference of County Association Executives. Point Clear, AL.
  • Measuring the Rural Wealth Creation Impacts of Local Food Systems. Agricultural and Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting. July 2015. AAEA. San Francisco, CA.