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Bryan Duff

Bryan Duff

Senior Lecturer

300 Kennedy Hall
(607) 255-8663

A former high school teacher, Dr. Duff teaches courses on education and writing that include weekly service learning. He also coordinates the undergraduate Education Minor.

Teaching Focus


EDUC 1170 (Teens in Schools): In this writing seminar for first-year students, we study the alignment between research on adolescence and the design of middle and high schools in the United States. (Fall)

EDUC 4040 (Engaging Students in Learning): Students use what they are learning about curriculum, assessment, and instruction to plan and teach middle school students in an afterschool program. (Fall and Spring)

EDUC 4940 (Various titles): This is Education’s course number for special-topics (experimental) classes that may or may not be offered again:

Project-Based Learning in Baton Rouge (Winter, ongoing)
Summer Curriculum Development: Students and I develop curriculum for a summer program serving middle school students from nearby rural school districts. (Spring, ongoing)
This has also included - Coaching Kids for Creativity, where Students and I visited a local elementary school twice each week to coach fourth- and fifth-grade students in Odyssey of the Mind, a creative team problem-solving competition. (Fall 2014 and 2015). And Crossing Borders in Education: The Case of Myanmar: Ithaca is home to many immigrants and refugees, among them a sizeable group from Myanmar (Burma) in southeast Asia. As youth and adults pursue education here, they navigate differences between educational norms in the U.S. and cultural values embedded in schools in Myanmar and their home lives here. We explored this border-crossing through reading, writing, discussion, and correspondence with university students in Myanmar and local learners whose families emigrated from Myanmar. (Spring 2016).
Innovative Schools Advocacy & Research Team: A small, multi-disciplinary team of students spent 10 days in Taos, New Mexico, collecting collect data and helping redesign the website for a high school that uses community-focused projects to drive student learning. (Winter 2015)

EDUC 5440 (Curriculum & Instruction): We study the theory and practice of curriculum design, plus basic principles of learning and their implications for teaching, and use them to develop mini-courses for an age group of interest. (Occasional Spring) *Two students in Spring 2015 had the chance to teach their courses in Colorado over the summer.