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Learning for Employees

Steve takes part in a conference activity.
You may apply to any of the following programs or  inquire about a different educational goal. 


Obtaining US citizenship is not an easy process! In addition to paying a substantial fee and filling out an extensive application, the person must have an interview in Buffalo, during which he or she must demonstrate ability to communicate in English as well as knowledge of U.S. History and civics.  At the interview applicants must answer questions taken from a test bank of 100 civics and history questions.

CLASP student partners help their employee partners prepare for the interview and understand the concepts required to pass the history and civics test. In the past few years CLASP has successfully  prepared many service staff for their citizenship interviews.

English Language Learning (ELL)

Cornell’s commitment to diversity can ben seen at all levels- including the service staff.  For immigrants who have resettled in the Ithaca area and found employment at Cornell, CLASP provides an opportunity for one-to-one tutoring in English language development.

Computer Skills- Basic to Intermediate

Keeping up with changes in technology is challenging for all of us!  For adults who did not grow up using computers, working one-on-one with a patient and knowledgeable tutor can give them the skills and confidence they need to continue to learn on their own.

High School Equivalence

Some employees want to complete their high school diploma.  CLASP works closely with TST BOCES and OCM BOCES to support employees who choose one of two different ways to earn a diploma- TASC or the External Diploma Program.

Food Test Preparation

CLASP  can help employees prepare for the NEHA food handler or manager test.  If you need help studying for these tests, talk to your supervisor and have them fill out an interest form and send it in to us.  We will then contact you to set up a series of study sessions with a learning partner.

Career Readiness Skills

CLASP  can help you in your career advancement goals including assistance with writing resumes and cover letters and developing interviewing skills.