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Ajay Kailas '13

Ajay Kailas is currently a third year medical student at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine. He graduated cum laude with a degree in Development Sociology from Cornell University as a Dwight D. Anderson Scholar in 2013. During his time in the department, he studied Native American attitudes and beliefs towards the HPV vaccination for three years, working with the Hopi Tribe in Arizona.

Post-graduation, Mr. Kailas was selected as a National Institutes of Health Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award Recipient studying analytical chemistry and nanotechnology. After starting medical school in 2014, Mr. Kailas transitioned from basic research to clinical research and was able to apply the knowledge and experience he gained from his development sociology training to the field of dermatology. Mr. Kailas is very interested in skin of color and has published multiple articles and abstracts on topics such as Native American healthcare issues, alopecia areata in African Americans, laser treatments, and skin cancer. Mr. Kailas says, “The population of the U.S. is projected to be 50% non-white by the year 2044, so this work is needed now more than ever.”

Ultimately, Mr. Kailas hopes to contribute more to the understanding of dermatologic conditions that affect patients of color in order to provide provide better treatments and management.