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Picture of Brian Duff

Bryan Duff Speaks at Engaged Cornell Partnership Forum

Oct 5, 2017
On September 27, Bryan Duff spoke at the first Engaged Cornell Partnership Forum on his work collaborating with Dryden and Spencer-Van Etten to provide summer learning experiences for middle school students. The goal of the forum was “to illustrate for interested off-campus residents how a successful Engaged Cornell grant is created and developed.” Read more
Picture of John zinder

John Zinda publishes on Forest Transitions in China

Sep 8, 2017
China’s Returning Farmland to Forest Program (RFFP) aimed to transform rural landscapes and livelihoods by compensating households for planting trees on retired farmland. Studies uncover great local variation in its impacts, but the mechanisms behind them have received little attention. John Zinda and associates examine such heterogeneity in 12 communities in northwest Yunnan, assessing the hypothesis that the RFFP catalyzed a state-led forest transition by evaluating the contributions of RFFP implementation and other processes to land cover change. Read more