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2007 Events

December 6, 2007: John Knodel
The Impact of Migration on Rural Elderly in Northern Thailand

November 16, 2007: Mae M. Ngai
Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America

Mae M. Ngai is a professor of history at Columbia University. Her main teaching and research interests pertain to questions of transnational migration, citizenship, race and ethnicity, and nations and nationalism. She is author of Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America, which won the Frederick Jackson Turner prize from the Organization of American Historians and the Littleton-Griswold Prize from the American Historical Association, among other awards.

October 12, 2007: Saskia Sassen
Territory, Authority, Rights: From Medieval to Global Assemblages

Saskia Sassen is a professor of sociology at Columbia University and Centennial Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics. Sassen is a leading theorist of globalization and its impact on cities.

September 21, 2007: Grace Delgado,
Transnational Chinese Networks Inside/Outside the U.S. Mexico Borderlands, 1874-1905

September 7, 2007: Aristide Zolberg
A Nation by Design: Immigration Policy in the Fashioning of America