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Rachel Bezner Kerr receives Atkinson Grant

Jul 3, 2014
Rachel Bezner Kerr's project "Healthy Soil, Fertile Land and Food Security" was awarded funding through the Atkinson Center’s Academic Venture Fund. The project is a collaboration with David Wolfe and Laurie Drinkwater (Horticulture), and Sera Young (Nutritional Sciences). Read more

Cornell Farmworker Program receives NYS grant

Jul 3, 2014
The Cornell Farmworker Program (CFP) received a grant from the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) to develop Spanish language educational materials to manage pests in immigrant farmworker housing. Read more

Rachel Bezner Kerr publication-Annals of the AAG

Jul 2, 2014
Bezner Kerr, R. 2014. “Lost and Found Crops: Agrobiodiversity, Indigenous Knowledge, and a Feminist Political Ecology of Sorghum and Finger Millet in Northern Malawi,” Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 104 (3): 577-593. DOI: 10.1080/00045608.2014.892346.

Rachel Bezner Kerr presentation-Glofoods

Jul 2, 2014
“Farmer-led agroecological research to improve food security and nutrition in Malawi.” Presented at GloFoods: Transitions pour la securite alimentation mondiale. Montpellier, France, June 12, 2014. Read more

David Brown presentation-CURDS

Jul 2, 2014
David Brown and his colleagues in the Centre for Urban Development Studies (CURDS) presented the results of their research on the migration-commuting nexus on June 19 to the Centre for Rural Economy at Newcastle University. This was one of David’s primary sabbatical projects. Read more

David Brown presentation-EAPS

Jul 1, 2014
David Brown, and his colleague Uzi Rebhun [Hebrew University,  presented “Patterns of urban/rural migration in Israel” to the European Association for Population Studies in Budapest on June 25.

American Sociological Association (ASA) Elections

Jun 9, 2014
David Brown has been elected chair of the Sociology of Development Section, and Wendy Wolford has been elected to the Council of the Sociology of Development Section of the American Sociological Association.  Congratulations to you both! Read more

Tom Hirschl quoted in Cornell Commencement Address

May 28, 2014
Cornell President David Skorton quoted the work of Cornell professor Thomas Hirschl, who co-authored the book “Chasing the American Dream.”
Dr. Hirschl's book was also excerpted online in Salon.

Philip McMichael presentation: CASID

May 27, 2014
Phil McMichael delivered a keynote address "Rethinking Development in the Anthropocene Age: Turning 'Back' to the Agrarian Question," to the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development, Brock University, St. Catherine's, May 27-30. Read more

Alaka Basu presentation UNFPA

May 22, 2014
Alaka Basu gave a talk on 'Population and Development' to The Sixth International Parliamentarians Conference on the Implementation of the ICPD Program of Action, hosted by UNFPA, Sveriges Riksdag and EPF, 22-25 April 2014. Read more

Nina Glasgow presentation at Newcastle University

May 20, 2014
Nina Glasgow presented  “Antecedents & Consequences of Natural Population Decrease” to the Centre for Rural Economy at Newcastle University on May 6. This presentation discusses Nina’s emerging project to study the lived experience of persons, especially older persons,  who reside in places with more deaths than births. Read more

Angela Gonzales receives CALS Dean's Award

Apr 30, 2014
Faculty member Angela Gonzales received the Award for Promoting Multicultural Diversity at the CALS Dean's Award Reception April 21st. She is also a Kaplan Family Distinguished Faculty Fellow with the Cornell Public Service Center.

Glasgow-Brown presentation University of Wales

Apr 25, 2014
Nina Glasgow and David Brown gave a presentation to the Human Geography program at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth on April 28. The title of their talk was “Challenges and Opportunities of Population Aging in Rural Communities.” Read more

Philip McMichael at UN/FAO in Rome

Apr 23, 2014
Department Chair Philip McMichael participated in the Open Ended Working Group of the Committee on World Food Security at the UN/FAO (Rome), as a representative of the Civil Society Mechanism, April 29, 2014. Read more

Kritz/Gurak Presentation at Penn State

Apr 23, 2014
Faculty Mary Kritz and Douglas Gurak presented a paper at the Opening Conference of the Penn State Census Bureau Research Data Center on “Internal Migration and Destination Places: Race and Nativity Differences.” The Conference was held on April 7-8, 2014. Read more

CaRDI's David Kay publication

Apr 23, 2014
Jeffrey Jacquet and David L. Kay: The Unconventional Boomtown: Updating the impact model to fit new spatial and temporal scales. Journal of Rural and Community Development. Volume 9, number 1 2014. Read more

Rachel Bezner Kerr presentation in Malawi

Mar 26, 2014
Faculty member Rachel Bezner Kerr organized & presented at a closed policy workshop with key government and international representatives on ‘Participatory Research on Climate Change Adaptation: Policy Recommendations”, and was interviewed by the Nation and Malawi Broadcasting Corporation. Read more

$25,000 NAEF gift for LEAD NY

Mar 26, 2014
The Northeast Agricultural Education Foundation made a $25,000 gift in support of the LEAD NY class 15 study trip to Kenya and Rwanda in February 2015. Read more

DSOC undergrad Alyssa Pritts in Peru

Mar 26, 2014
DSOC undergrad Alyssa Pritts '15 is currently in Peru researching the supply chain of the native varieties of the potato, and working with an organization helping to improve the livelihood of indigenous populations surrounding Cuzco.  Read more