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The Wall Street Journal revisits Tom Hirschl's research on income dynamics

Jun 14, 2019

"Over roughly 40 years, 70% of the population made it into the top 20% of earners for at least one year, according to researchers at Cornell University and Washington University in St. Louis. But only about 21% remained there for 10 consecutive years, and even fewer clung to the top rung for a solid decade."

Tom Hirschl addresses

Program Work Team on Poverty and Economic Hardship

Aug 29, 2017

To develop new knowledge for fighting economic insecurity in upstate New York, a set of leaders has formed a network to collaborate and share best practices. The Program Work Team on Poverty and Economic Hardship, a group of Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) staff, Cornell faculty, community leaders and service providers from across the state, met in person for the first time May 31 in Warren Hall. The goal? To talk about how to improve their work and extend the reach of their programs.

 Tom Hirschl

Changing the World, One Website at a Time

Aug 22, 2017

Given our current age of “alternative facts” and “fake news,” moving sociological research into the hands of a wider audience has taken on added importance. And while the discipline has seen vigorous debate about the role and value of public sociology, I have begun to consider how to actively awaken my fellow citizens to what C. Wright Mills described as understanding one’s personal troubles within the context of the sociological imagination—particularly with respect to the dynamics of American poverty and inequality.

Tom Hirschl - Appearance on "Inside Story"

Dec 18, 2015

Professor Tom Hirschl recently appeared on a cable show entitled "Inside Story" about the demise of the American middle class. the show is hosed by Ray Suarez, formerly of NPR.

Tom Hirschl - Presentation on Poverty, Economic Hardship, and Resilient Families

Nov 17, 2015

Tom Hirschl delivered a presentation entitled “Poverty, Economic Hardship, and Resilient Families” at the 33rd Annual Breakfast and “Way” Awards Program at the Holiday Inn, Elmira, NY hosted by the Human Relations Commission (HRC) of Chemung County on November 13, 2015.

Tom Hirschl - 2016 Society for Social Work and Research Book Award

Nov 12, 2015

Congratulations to Professor Tom Hirschl, the recipient of the 2016 Society for Social Work and Research Book Award for his book entitled
“Chasing the American Dream: Understanding What Shapes Our Fortunes.”


Tom Hirschl - New Article in PLOS ONE

Aug 3, 2015

Tom Hirschl and Mark Rank's article entitled, The Likelihood of Experiencing Relative Poverty over the Life Course,  was published in PLOS ONE and covered by Newsweek, Time and the Washington Post.

"" quotes Tom Hirschl's book

Feb 6, 2015

An article run by is based on the book Chasing the American Dream by DSOC professor Tom Hirschl, Mark Rank of Washington University in St. Louis and Kirk A. Foster. The book studies income inequality in America.

Tom Hirschl receives extension award

Nov 6, 2014

Faculty member Tom Hirschl was given the award "Friend of Extension, Campus Collaborator" at the annual dinner for Cornell Cooperative Extension-Chemung County. The award honors his work with a poverty reduction coalition in the City of Elmira.

Tom Hirschl interviewed on Fox Business News

Aug 4, 2014

Tom Hirschl was interviewed on the Willis Report portion of the Fox Business News about his book "Chasing the American Dream" on July 8th.

Tom Hirschl discusses book in New America forum

Jul 3, 2014

Tom Hirschl and co-author Mark Rank discussed their book "Chasing the American Dream" in a forum sponsored by New America Foundation.

Tom Hirschl quoted in Cornell Commencement Address

May 28, 2014

Cornell President David Skorton quoted the work of Cornell professor Thomas Hirschl, who co-authored the book “Chasing the American Dream.”
Dr. Hirschl's book was also excerpted online in Salon.


Thomas Hirschl publication-book

Mar 13, 2014

Rank, Mark Robert, Thomas A. Hirschl and Kirk A. Foster. Chasing the American Dream: Understanding What Shapes Our Fortunes.  Oxford University Press, 2014.


Tom Hirschl joins research team at Newcastle University, UK.

Feb 15, 2014

DSOC faculty member Tom Hirschl visited David Brown and colleagues at Newcastle University, UK, in mid-February to work on a project analyzing counter urbanization in England and Wales. The study team recently acquired a longitudinal data file on job commuting, and Tom is assisting with implementing methods in event history analysis. Tom also gave a seminar about his forthcoming book "Chasing the Dream" at Newcastle University.


Tom Hirschl interviewed for Austrian newspaper

Jan 31, 2014

Faculty member Tom Hirschl and co-author Mark Rank were interviewed by the Austrian newspaper Courier about their book "In Search of the American Dream".  The interview was prompted by President Obama's State of the Union speech on January 28th, 2014.


President Obama cites Tom Hirschl's study in recent remarks

Dec 6, 2013

President Obama referenced a study done by DSOC faculty Tom Hirschl and colleague Mark Rank in his remarks about economic mobility : "One study shows that more than half of Americans will experience poverty at some point during their adult lives.  Think about that.  This is not an isolated situation.  More than half of Americans at some point in their lives will experience poverty."  The study is from their forthcoming book, Chasing the American Dream, to be published in early March 2014.

Upcoming book by Tom Hirschl reveals the extent of poverty in the US.

Jul 29, 2013

An upcoming book by DSOC faculty member Tom Hirschl and Mark Rank shows that 4 out of 5 adults in the US experience joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on federal assistance at some point during their lives.

Tom Hirschl: The context for research on poverty and economic hardship: the Chemung County project

May 15, 2013

Tom Hirschl gave a presentation to the Action Research Institute "The context for research on poverty and economic hardship: the Chemung County project" at the Tompkins County Cornell Cooperative Extension on May 15.

DSOC Club Hosted Community Dialogue

Feb 26, 2013

The DSOC Club, lead by undergrad Jeremy March and faculty Tom Hirschl, hosted a community dialogue as part of Black History Month on February 26th. Discussion topics included Michael Schwerner, a DSOC graduate who was one of the three civil rights workers murdered in Mississippi in 1964.

Tom Hirschl: Elderly Poverty Trends

Nov 7, 2012

Tom Hirschl gave a presentation in Batavia at a joint meeting between Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Genesee Office for Aging on November 7th. The presentation was focused on elderly poverty trends nationally, and in Genesee County.

DSOC Faculty Rode for Charity

Aug 27, 2012

Two DSOC faculty members rode for charity in September: Angela Gonzales to raise funds for the Hopi Cancer Assistance Fund, and Tom Hirschl for the Southern Tier AIDS Program.

Tom Hirschl and Mark Rank Presented at the Media Retreat

Jul 27, 2012

A research report authored by Tom Hirschl and Mark Rank was presented at the Media Retreat organized by the Weidenbaum Center on the Economy, Government, and Public Policy. The report included life table estimates on life time prevalence of poverty, welfare use, unemployment, affluence, and wealth accumulation.

Tom Hirschl Presented a Talk

Jul 20, 2012

Faculty Tom Hirschl presented a talk "Technological Revolution and Historical Materialism" at a workshop organized by the Institute for the Study of the Science of Society, Chicago, July 20 –23.

Tom Hirschl Granted Funding

Sep 2, 2011

Faculty member Tom Hirschl was recently granted funding for his proposal Policy Education and Action for Fighting Poverty and Economic Hardship in Upstate New York.