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Tips and Information from Current Graduate Students

This page is for current DSOC graduate students to share information regarding grants, fellowship information, course syllabi, TA lesson plans, etc. It is currently in the development stages. Please send suggestions and submissions to

Dev Soc Wiki-Guide

Check it out at

  1. If you have a valid netid and password, click on "Cornell Single Sign on" which will prompt you for your netid and password. Sign in.
  2. When you see the wiki page, click on "Edit" under Page Operations in the panel on the left hand side, and start adding your thoughts
  3. Save

If you don't have a valid netid and are subscribed to rsocgrad with a non-Cornell email account, then the procedure is different. When you login for the first time, click on the "Forgot Password" button and an email will be sent to you with your password. Then you can log in with the password, and follow the steps outlined above.

Guide for China's Student Visa and Residence Permit

If you are planning a stay in China for your research, follow these instructions and save yourself a lot of time and frustration!

I also found a book that I'm convinced is a must-have for graduate students (and others) doing research in China. It's full of practical, methodological, and theoretical advice, and I don't know how I've survived without it before now. If you keep a list of useful resources, this should definitely be on it!

The title is "Doing Fieldwork in China", an edited volume by Maria Heimer and Stig Thogersen (2006). I really think this book is an invaluable resource! - Mindi