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Cornell-based Funding

Cornell offers several fellowships for newly admitted students, including the CALS Excellence Award and the SUNY Diversity Fellowship.  These are determined by the department at the time of admission.

Teaching and Research Assistantships

  • determined on a yearly basis
  • include tuition, a stipend and student health insurance
  • students are expected to work about 15 hours per week

For the academic year 2016-2017, tuition is $20,800, the stipend is $25,152 and student health insurance (or SHP) is $2,560.  Summer and conference travel grants are also available.

The Graduate School offers more information on available fellowships for Cornell students.

Research Travel Grants

The Graduate School awards a small number of grants to graduate students for research-related travel. 

  • Awards are to fund trips of 3-5 weeks in duration.
  • Applications are due to the Graduate School (350 Caldwell Hall) by 4:30 pm on Oct. 1 for fall travel and Feb. 1 for spring or summer travel.
  • Grant applications are available here.
  • Priority given to Ph.D. students who have or will have passed the A Exam prior to initiating their research travel, but all research-degree students are encouraged to apply.
  • Priority given to requests for pre-dissertation research.
  • Prior awardees are given low priority.

Because the Graduate School seeks to award a maximum number of grants from limited funds, awards are typically no more than $2,000. Students are encouraged to submit requests that reflect careful budgeting. For example, applicants should use public transportation when practical, plan on preparing their own meals whenever possible, and secure modest accommodations.

Please note that research travel grants are for travel that is directly related to dissertation research, not conference travel. Download the conference grant application from the Graduate School's forms page.

Funding is also available through the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies.

Conference Travel Grants

Conference travel grants are available both from the Graduate School and from the department.

Graduate School Conference Travel Grants

  • For students who are invited to present papers or posters at professional conferences
  • Award amounts are based on geographic location, not actual expenses.
  • Awards will not, under any circumstances, exceed $675. The Graduate School tries to fund most requests from students.

Download the conference grant application from the Graduate School's forms page.

Department Conference Travel Grants

  • Graduate students are guaranteed 2 grants during their time in the program. Beyond that, awards are made based on the applicant's role at the conference, as indicated below:
    • First priority: student presenting a single-authored paper (student with multiple papers or multiple engagements have priority over those with a single engagement.)
    • Second priority: student presenting a single-authored paper
    • Third priority: student participating as a discussant
    • Fourth priority: student not presenting but co-author of paper or poster
    • Fifth priority: student participating but not on the program
  • There will be one application period per semester: Sept.20 for Fall and Feb. 10 for Spring. Applicants must submit a one-page abstract of the paper/poster to be presented and a brief statement on the relevance of the conference to their research as well as proof of acceptance of the paper. (Proof of acceptance can be provided as soon as possible after the application deadline.)
  • Maximum of $500.00 per fiscal year (July 1st- June 30st) to registered graduate students
  • Travelers should review Cornell's Travel Policy
  • Travel advances can be obtained through Linda Warner in Warren 240F.

To obtain reimbursement, complete the "Travel Checklist". Include receipts for all lodging and travel, including boarding passes for air travel and submit to the “Job Request Box” in the mailroom for processing.  All documentation must be submitted by June 30th.

Dissertation Research Grant