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Special Committee

The special committee consists of two or more faculty chosen to guide the student’s work in specific subject matter areas. Members assist in course selection, thesis and PhD preparation, and examine the student in "A" and "B" exams. Members of special committees serve on a mutually agreed upon basis. Students may elect to change members of their special committee, and faculty may also resign from a special committee.

Committee chairperson

  • Must be a faculty member of the Field of Development Sociology
  • Must represent one of the three major concentrations currently offered by the Field

Other members of a graduate student's special committee guide the student's training in minor subject areas.

At the MS level

  • Two members required: the chairperson and a minor member
  • The minor can be offered by the Field of Development Sociology or by another field

Choosing an "internal minor" (namely, Development Sociology or Methods of Social Research) tends to be most advantageous for students with little advanced preparation in Development Sociology.

At the PhD level

  • Three committee members required
  • The third member must represent either a concentration from another field or a concentration in Development Sociology other than that represented by the Chair. 

Within Development Sociology, some graduate students are "internationally oriented" while others focus on the United States or Canada. Still others pursue a domestic/international orientation and select their courses and committee members accordingly.