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Moving from the MS to PhD Program

In order to get a PhD in the field, a student will:

  • complete an acceptable Master's degree
  • be granted change of status to the PhD program
    • The committee chair must write a letter of support
    • Core course requirements are completed
    • Field faculty will vote to admit student to the PhD program
    • Student adds a third member to the special committee
  • pass the Admission to Candidacy Examination (the A exam)
    • covers all of the student’s program up to that point
    • usually consists of written answers to take-home questions from each committee member and an oral examination of several hours
    • doctoral dissertation topic has been decided
    • have planning in place for dissertation fieldwork            
  • write and defend a doctoral dissertation (the B exam)
  • present research in a department seminar

Additionally, the student must complete six "residence units." Practically speaking, this means at least six semesters of satisfactory work, two of which may be done at the Master's level and some of which may be accrued during fieldwork.