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Training the next generation of field-leading social scientists & development practitioners.

About the Program

The Graduate Field of Development Sociology provides rigorous training for aspiring academics and development professionals. Our graduate curriculum builds off the foundation of classical sociological theory, integrating diverse frameworks and methodologies to fuel investigation, analysis, and evaluation of social phenomenon. Whether through ethnographies, statistical analyses, or participatory action research, our students are trained to produce the highest quality social science research in areas including:

  • Inequality across health, class, and gender
  • Impacts of social policy including health and education
  • Governance, community development, and civic organization
  • Food systems, food sovereignty, and sustainable agriculture  
  • Migration and demographic change
  • Political ecology and land use change

The Graduate Field of Development Sociology offers two degree tracks: the MS/PhD and the PhD. It does not accept students into a terminal MS degree program.

Learn more about the graduate curriculum, available funding, or how to apply.